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Mass-Reef-Manta-Rays-Feeding-@-Hanifaru-Maldives-©-Guy-Stevens-Manta-Trust-2009bIf YOU would like to help The Manta Trust to conserve both species of mantas please sign and share its online petition here.  You might have seen online petitions for these types of conservation initiatives before, but to find out what The Manta Trust’s petition is all about and WHY YOUR SIGNATURE WILL REALLY HELP read on… If English isn’t your first language please follow the links in the page to read more and understand our campaign.

The petition is specifically targeting the delegates of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) in each of the 177 signatory nations to this convention.  CITES is the only international  treaty established to protect endangered species that is considered binding on member nations.  Every 3 years this body meets to vote on species to be protected under the convention.  On 4th October 2012, it was announced officially that Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia  submitted the proposal to have the Genus Manta listed on Appendix II at the next convention to be held in Bangkok on 3rd-14th March 2013. With the proposal for the genus Manta accepted, it is up to member nations to vote upon this.  A two thirds majority vote will secure this vital international protection for mantas. The Manta Trust‘s petition to the voting members will, we hope, highlight the case for the conservation of mantas and persuade them to vote in favour of the proposal.

Read further here on why do mantas need protection, and how will your signature help.

Thank you for helping manta rays!

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